The rising population growth in West Australia has pushed increase in land demand and suburbs implementing re-zoning to make space for more housing. This has opened up possibilities for triplex developments for rental, resale, or owner-occupancy. If you have a property that you want to make money on, our triplex designs will be the perfect investment option for you.

Want to unlock your property's money making potential? Why not consider triplex property development? It's preferred by most property owners because of its profit margin potential, affordability, and lucrative rental yield that it offers. If you have enough space in your block, why not have three double or single storey units that you can sell or put up for rent?

You can have it configured as 4 bedroom with 2 bathroom units, or 3 bedroom with 2 bathroom units. You can do a whole lot more with triplex development and as the designs maximise the space availability of your site, the stronger and faster your investment return is.


Why Triplex Development?

  • You can rent all three units and triple your revenue from just one block
  • Increase your property’s equity with three units on the same block
  • You have the option of selling two properties as private residences and having the third one rent out for additional weekly income, and use the revenues to pay your mortgage.


Let our team of experts help you with triplex property by:

  • Maximise the available space by working within the given design constraints. Our team of experts understand that there are integral requirements for triplex developments and give you confidence that we not only know how to get the job done, but your expectations surpassed too.
  • We will take care of local development and planning laws compliance, as well as with all the important plans and preparations to create and build the perfect triplex property for you.


Profit Faster:

Having multiple properties on one block can increase its equity. Triplex development is an appealing choice to many property investors because of its design flexibility and increased potential returns.

  • Have all three units rented and triple the income you'll get just from one block
  • Rent two of the properties and sell the other one so you'll have enough funds for your next property investment
  • Sell two units and retain the third as a rental property
  • Put all three properties up for sale and use your sales proceed to pay off your mortgage or as capital investment for another property development project.

Triplex Galleries & Case Studies

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