House Behind a house

If you have enough space to build another house behind your existing property, then this is the ideal solution for you. It doesn't matter if it's for making extra money through rental revenue, or just for additional space, because we offer a wide range of designs suitable for different rear lot configurations.

Building another house behind an existing house is one of the popular strata property development solutions in Western Australia. Thanks to the recent zoning changes, backyards can now be an investment opportunity that many Perth homeowners can now capitalise on. If you have a big enough of a land behind your existing house, why not consider building another unit and keep it for personal use and additional space, or as an additional money-making venture?


Why House Behind A House Development?

  • An extra property on the same lot will help increase your estate’s equity
  • The completed house behind house project will generate you additional income
  • You have the option of selling your original property and moving into a new home, and using the sale proceeds to pay for your mortgage. All this without having to move away from your suburb!


Let our team of experts help you with your house behind a house property by:

  • Designing your house behind a house property that suits your block’s shape, budget, and needs. We’ll make it personalised for you even.
  • Having a design team with years of experience in house behind house and other unit development projects to give you the assurance we only have experts that will get the job done
  • We will take care of local development and planning laws compliance, as well as with all the important plans and preparations to create the perfect house behind a house property for you


Profit Faster:

There are different ways of making profit from a house-behind-house development:

  • Choose to stay in your existing home then either sell or rent out the new unit to generate an additional stream of income which you can use to pay for your mortgage or as investment funds for a property development project
  • Sell your current property and move into the new dwelling. You can then use your sales proceed to pay off a fraction of your mortgage and at the same time, enjoy living in a new house without having to move to another suburb
  • Subdivide your property into two separate titles and sell both units for a profit.

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