We offer modern and customised duplex designs to increase your property's potential. Whether it's for an existing home design or starting with an empty lot, we can help you increase your investment value through smart and open plan designs to utilise all available space and maximise your property's potential.

Today's lifestyle is becoming busier and more commercial. And as everyone wants to move closer to the city, renter demand is now shifting to living in smaller places, but in better locations, making duplex development a popular property investment option.

With duplex property development, you can build two units in one block, increasing your profit revenue whether it's from sale or rental of your units.


Why Duplex Development?

  • You can cash in on your existing property by building two low-maintenance dwellings
  • Have both properties rented for double income revenue with just one block
  • Occupy one home and collect rent from the other to help pay off your mortgage faster


Let our team of experts help you with your duplex property by:

  • Designing a layout that will meet your needs and at the same time, suit best the shape of your block. Our team of experts have vast experience in designing duplex units, so you know you're in good hands.
  • We will take care of local development and planning laws compliance, as well as with all the important plans and preparations to create and build the perfect duplex property for you


Profit Faster

Having a duplex on one block will increase your property's equity. If you subdivide your existing block to construct two low-maintenance dwellings, you have a wider range of profitable options:

  • Rent both houses and receive double the rental income revenue from your property
  • Sell both units and keep the profits for saving
  • Move into one of the dwellings and sell the other
  • Live in one of the units and put the other one up for rent so you can use the additional revenue for paying off your mortgage

Duplex Galleries & Case Studies

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