Property development shouldn't be hard and we're here to make it even easier for you in ten simple steps:

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Investigate & Feasibility

Our designs and plans all depend on our customer’s wants and needs. We listen to our client’s reasons for property development and what they expect from the outcome and from there, think of effective and affordable solutions to meet their objectives.

But before everything else, we make sure that we get the green light from the council before proceeding to the next stage. With all the requirements needed for property development, we want to make sure that you are happy to proceed with drafting the design and meeting with the best constructions options



Before starting with the design, our team will visit your site to conduct surveys and explore all development possibilities. After this is done, our designers will come up with initial drafts and concepts for the project. We will also assist you in choosing specifications and even small details like finish and fittings, to suit your budget and target market. We will then integrate all possible design elements and your requirements for the final drawing which of course, is subject to your approval.



The council will only tell you what you’re allowed to build, but not specifically how to build it. We are here to work collaboratively with you to achieve the optimal outcomes. Working with you we can resolve any planning issues if they arise.



We will also sort out lodging for planning approval before starting on contracts and obtaining building permits. So really, there’s nothing you need to worry about because we will do the hard bits and pieces for you.

It will be our job to get quotes from builders and help you organise financing for the projects construction phase. We know construction phase is integral in property development and we will make sure you are updated every step of the way. One of our dedicated team members will keep in contact with you and provide additional information needed.

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