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  • Custom Design

    If you're unsure of which property development design to go for, our in-house design experts can come up with functional,…

  • Multi unit

    If you have a big space and want to maximise the potential of your property, multi-unit design and development is…

  • Triplex

    The rising population growth in West Australia has pushed increase in land demand and suburbs implementing re-zoning to make space…

  • House Behind a house

    If you have enough space to build another house behind your existing property, then this is the ideal solution for…

  • Duplex

    We offer modern and customised duplex designs to increase your property's potential. Whether it's for an existing home design or…


About us

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Property developers¬†and private investors have trusted Strata Concepts since 2007. We have a whole team of experts with vast experience in single and double storey building concepts, to meet every property owner’s wants and needs.

We have been involved in many design projects, from multiple unit sites to rear lots, down to narrow lots and custom design plans. Here at Strata Concept, we make sure that out designs suit different lifestyles and budget, while integrating all possible design elements and modern features in every project we make.

From conceptualisation to execution, we’re here to make sure that your new home is perfect up to the very last detail.

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Cost Effective, Experienced Development Solutions in Perth

Our team of experts provide cost-effective development solutions for both private, small scale, and property developers. Since 2007 we’ve delivered affordable designs and organised construction for energy-efficient properties throughout Western Australia. Over the years, we’ve integrated technology and improvement in the construction methods that will be used to make sure our projects our finished-on time and on budget.

Our Experienced Team

Strata Concept is made up of experienced team of designers and consultants who’ve built their reputation on cost-effective and innovative architectural designs. Our connections with reliable construction agencies, designers, and finance groups allow us to delivery residential property solutions that we tailor specifically according to your needs.

Property Development Process

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We always aim to deliver and complete property development projects beyond our client’s expectations. Strata Concept believes that fusing location and lifestyle is possible, while integrating stylish and functional designs at the same time in every project we do. We want our clients to get the most out of their property, whether it’s for personal use or if they just want to increase its money-making potential. Strata Concept has developed numerous property development projects throughout West Australia, and our passion in delivering quality designs and affordable projects have made us a knowledgeable property development solution.

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Want to know more about our different property development designs or just have a general enquiry about our development process? Please feel free to fill up the form below and get in touch with us so we can discuss your project plans and how we can help.


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